What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing
Photo taken from mashable.com

Now, it will be the first step for me to learn inbound marketing deeply and seriously.  As the first chapter i learn, i must understand about what inbound marketing is.

Okay, as i learn on hubspot.com, inbound marketing is a marketing method for doing business online.  Sharing is caring and inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content to the world that match with question or something has to be understood by people. By the exact content, it will drive people to know more about us and keep them coming back.

There are 5 things that become main work in inbound marketing, namely:

Content creation. As i said before, it’s about creating targeted contents that answer our customer’s basic question and needs. And we share the content properly.

Lifecycle Marketing. To get people engage with our company, we must understand that there are stages how they interact with us. We should understand that every stage, there are different marketing actions.

Personalization, Every our customer must have different problem. Therefore personalization can help us to make proper message to them as their each specified needs.

Multi-channel. To be able to close with our customer, we need to understand where they are on internet and how they interact. Therefore, we can use many channel to get them.

Integration.  To know that our published contents are effective, we need analytics tools to know it. So Publishing and Analytics tool must work together. Then we can know that we publish on the right content in the right place at the right time.

what is Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is about how to make marketing people love by publishing relevant and helpful content to the customers in right place at the right time. If it is done properly, best long term best relationship or  best engagement between company and customers will be reached.


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