You Are What You Think

I am Mirfagah iqbal and you can call me “Aga”. I am a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, and also coffee lover. Right now, i run a business, NEO Digital, a digital agency in Jakarta. We have been trusted for many big companies to handle their digital marketing, such as Astra International, Astra Daihatsu Motors, Tokio Marine, Commonwealth Life, DBS , Yamaha Music Indonesia, Pharos (Apotik Century), Lintas Arta, Djarum, Sodexo, and many others. Now, we are expanding the business to create several business unit, such as Bitjara.id and Mamapapa.ID. Also,  i and my team are developing new startup, it’s called Jala.ai, a cloud-based smart lead management system that is customized to integrate with online offline lead generation and deliver the leads as result to dealers/branch/sales group and also agents in real time. So it facilitate companies to analyze all performance indicators (Campaign, Lead, and Team) and increase the sales.

Here, in this blog, i would like to share my knowledge and experience in business and life. I wish it could be useful and inspiring for everyone.

If you have some question, you can email me to mirfagahiqbal[at]gmail.com.


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